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We work with entrepreneurs, start-ups and established brands to better define and articulate their mission, values and purpose.


We empower individuals and organisations to effectively resonate with their audiences through stand-out strategic messaging.


We establish, elevate and reposition public profiles through comprehensive media and stakeholder relations.

Brilliant Relations is a London-based communications consultancy specialising in strategic messaging and media relations.

Achieving Cut-through.

It isn’t easy. The constantly changing 24-hour news cycle, narrowing attention spans and the drumbeat of the competition can leave even the most established voices struggling to be heard.

The result? Entrepreneurial potential goes unfulfilled. Budding start-ups struggle for traction. Larger organisations’ stakeholders know of them – yet fail to understand what they stand for and who they really are. This is where we come in.

The Power of Communication.

Brilliant Relations works with individuals and organisations of all shape and size – from start-ups and social entrepreneurs to established charities and financial platforms – to define their mission, articulate their message and elevate their profile.

We see effective communication as the bedrock of any successful corporate venture or social cause. We see powerful messaging and increased visibility as a driver of opportunity and growth.

Journalistic Pedigree.

Founded by a former national journalist with over ten years’ strategic communications and media experience, Brilliant Relations offers a comprehensive portfolio of media and communications services.

From press releases and profiling to broadcast interviews and content creation, we work with organisations on a bespoke, cost-effective basis to fully engage them with their target audiences and get them firmly on the map.

The Psychology of PR.

We don’t just get under the skin of a business or venture; we strategically get inside the mind of their stakeholders and target audiences too. By better understanding who these audiences are and how they think, we can ensure target messaging emotionally resonates and cuts through.

With our strong journalistic background and ethos, we also understand how journalists operate and engage. We know what makes an effective story and angle – and what does not.

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